Talking about science means creating a language which is shared between those who work in the field and those who benefit from it, one which as a whole is rigorous and comprehensible. It means taking in inputs made up of numbers and data and producing outputs which convey the scientific message in an innovative and exciting manner. It means creating a horizon in which updating and learning are part of a journey of continuous growth.

Creo Educational is all this; it is also a Ministry of Health accredited provider according to new Regulation of 2011 for devising, organising and validating all those activities which are part of the Continuing Education in Medicine (ECM) programme for doctors, nurses and in general for all national health workers on a national and international level.

It is a hotbed for scientific matters, a heterogeneous laboratory, made up of experts in management, training and communication, boasting an in-house team skilled in design and in making good use of targeted, modern and technological communication.