Creo Educational believes in the knowledge and skill of those who experience the world of health care on a daily basis in Italy and internationally, creating a synergy between the stimuli offered by the world of innovation and the certitude acquired over years of clinical and academic activity.

Assurance of the value of Creo Educational is provided by its Scientific Committee, offering the following professional expertise:

Prof. Diego Brancaccio Scientific Director
Associate Professor of Nephrology, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Milan

Dr. Mario Cozzolino
Day Hospital Manager of Nephrology at San Paolo Hospital in Milan. Coordinator of Research Activities and Director of the Nephrology Laboratory at San Paolo Hospital in Milan.

Dr. Antonio Maiorana
Medical Director, grade 1 and head of the outpatient clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis at the A.R.N.A.S. (highly specialised hospital of national importance) Civic Hospital in Palermo.

Dr. Veneranda Vacca
Specializing in foreign language teaching methodologies and teaching. For years, deals with training and tools for measuring learning in business and especially in medical science.